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Boilermakers Local 169 Membership Dues Policy

Due to a new billing system implemented by the International’s Membership Department, we must now strictly enforce the dues policy and suspension procedures as written in the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers Constitution:

Article 31.2.1 – Dues – When Payable - All monthly dues shall be payable on the first day of each month and should be paid monthly in advance.

Article 32.1 – Suspension for Non-Payments Whenever a member’s monthly dues, assessment, or fines become two (2) calendar months in arrears, that member shall be automatically suspended from all rights, privileges, and benefits of the International Brotherhood.  No monthly dues shall be accepted until all financial obligations owed to the Brotherhood or any subordinate body such as field dues, District Lodge dues, fines or assessments have been paid.

Any member whose union dues are 60 days past due will be suspended on or about the 10th day of the month.  If you are suspended, it will cost $300.00 for you to reinstate if you are a mechanic, and $150.00 to reinstate if you are an apprentice. 

Furthermore, any member who has a returned check will have the payment made by that bad check reversed, and their paid through date for membership dues will be returned to their previous paid through date. 


2014 Monthly Union Dues

Month Total Dues Month Total Dues
January $41.20 July 5 months at $41.60 = $208.00
February $41.20 August 6 months at $41.60 = $249.60
March $41.60 September 7 months at $41.60 = $291.20
April 2 months at $41.60 = $83.20 October 8 months at $41.60 = $332.80
May 3 months at $41.60 = $124.80 November 9 months at $41.60 = $374.40
June 4 months at $41.60 = $166.40 December 10 months at $41.60 = $416.00
Cost of a Withdrawal Card will be $47.50








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