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2014 Michigan Primary Endorsements

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Greater Detroit Building and Construction Trades Council (Updated July 11, 2014) 

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U.S. Congress

  • 11th District: Bobby McKenzie
  • 12th District: Debbie Dingell
  • 13th District: John Conyers

 Michigan Board of Education Trustee: Casandra Ulbrich

 Michigan Senate

  • Michigan Senate, 4th District: Virgil Smith
  • Michigan Senate, 5th District: David Knezek
  • Michigan Senate, 7th District: Dian Slavens
  • Michigan Senate, 11th District: Vincent Gregory
  • Michigan Senate, 13th District: Ryan Fishman

 State Representatives

  • State Representative, 1st District: Brian Banks
  • State Representative, 3rd District: Clarence Gayles
  • State Representative, 4th District: Rose Mary Robinson
  • State Representative, 5th District: Fred Durhal
  • State Representative, 6th District: Stephanie Chang
  • State Representative, 8th District: Sherry Gay-Dagnogo
  • State Representative, 10th District: Jay Johnson
  • State Representative, 11th District: Julie Plawecki
  • State Representative, 12th District: Erika Geiss
  • State Representative, 13th District: Tony Trupiano
  • State Representative, 18th District: Sarah Roberts
  • State Representative, 20th District: Nate SmithTyge
  • State Representative, 21st District: Natalie Mosher, Kristy Pagan (both Eminently Qualified)
  • State Representative, 22nd District: John Chirkun
  • State Representative, 23rd District: Andy Linko
  • State Representative, 25th District: Henry Yanez
  • State Representative, 28th District: Derek Miller
  • State Representative, 30th District: Bo Karpinsky
  • State Representative, 31st District: Marilyn Lane
  • State Representative, 35th District: Jeremy Moss
  • State Representative, 36th District: Peter Lucido
  • State Representative, 37th District: Theresa Rich; Christine Greig (Eminently Qualified)
  • State Representative, 38th District: Jasper Catanzaro
  • State Representative, 41st District: Mary Kerwin
  • State Representative, 43rd District: Robin McGregor
  • State Representative, 51st District: Ken Thomas
  • State Representative, 83rd District: Marcus Middleton

 District Judges

  • 19th District: (Dearborn): Tony Guerriero
  • 25th District (Lincoln Park): Gregory Clifton
  • 28th District (Southfield): James Kandrevas
  • 32A District (Harper Woods): Dan Palmer
  • 34th District: (Belleville, Romulus): David Parrott
  • 52-1 District (South Lyon): Travis Reeds
  • 52-4 District (Troy) Maureen McGinnis

 Macomb County

Macomb County Executive: Mark Hackel

Macomb County Commissioner

  • District 1: Bill Barnwell
  • District 4: David Flynn
  • District 5: Robert Mijac
  • District 9: Fred Miller
  • District 10: Michael Boyle
  • District 11: Kathy Tocco

 Macomb County Circuit Court Judge: Steve Fox;

James Maceroni is Eminently Qualified

 Oakland County

Oakland County Commissioner

  • District 4: Phil Reid
  • District 9: Colleen Crossey
  • District 16: Phyllis Noda
  • District 18: Helaine Zack
  • District 20: Gary McGillivray

 Wayne County

Wayne County Commissioner

  • District 1: Tim Killeen
  • District 6: Burton Leland
  • District 8: Diane Webb
  • District 11: Al Haidous
  • District 12: Richard LeBlanc
  • District 15: Joe Palamara

Wayne County Circuit Court Judge: Tom Cameron

Wayne County Probate Court Judge: David Braxton

Schoolcraft Community College Trustee: Joan Gebhardt, Terry Gilligan

 Livonia School Board Trustee: Dan Centers

 St. Clair County

Algonac City Council: Robert Klieman

GLS Building Trades 2014 Endorsements

Click here for a printable version


Genesee Lapeer Shiawasee Building Trades State Senate

  • 27th District: Jim Ananich

  • 14th District: Bobbie C. Walton


State House


  • 34th District: Sheldon Neeley

  • 48th District: Pam Faris

  • 49th District: Phil Phelps

  • 51st District: Ken Thomas

  • 85th District: Annie Braidwood (Shiawassee County)


County Commissioner


3rd District: Jamie Curtis

5th District: Mark Young

6th District: Jeff Bartz (Shiawassee)

7th District: Mike Lynch



Other Endorsements


  • Vikki Bayeh Haley  (67th District Court)

  • Jennifer Manley  (67th District Court)

Washtenaw County Endorsements

click here for a printable version


U.S. Congress

7th District: Pam Byrnes


Michigan Senate:

16th District: Kevin Commet

22nd District: Shari Pollesch



UM Board of Regents

Michael Behm

Katherine White


City of Ann Arbor

Mayor: Christopher Taylor

City Council

1st Ward: Don Adams

2nd Ward: Kirk Westphal

3rd Ward: Julie Ward


Washtenaw Co. Probate Judge: Julia Owdziej



1755 Fairlane Drive* Allen Park, MI 48101*phone (313) 584-8520 * fax (313) 584-8777