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Upcoming Work:

Area One Date Contractor Job Location Description
August 31, 2015 Monarch Welding US Steel #25 Boiler rebuild, 24 days, two shifts of 7/10s, approximately 55 Boilermakers per shift

Mandatory online training:

Click the "USS Great Lakes Contractor Portal" in the gray box in the top right corner

Summer 2015 Detroit Boiler Cargill Salt Replacing #5 boiler, job is ongoing
October 12, 2015 Monarch Welding Air Products Air heater replacement, 10 days, two shifts of 7/12s, approximately 20 Boilermakers per shift (will require Marathon training)
Fall 2015 TBD Marathon Coker outage, manpower tbd
There will be short work as it comes in.
Area Two Date Contractor Job Location Description
July 2015 Barton Malow Holland New cogen, 25 Boilermakrs working 4/10s for about six months.  Must have a current MOST drug test
September 8, 2015 CR Meyer Ludington Pump Storage Six Boilermakers, eight weeks, 5/10s
September 14, 2015 CBI Palisades Nuclear 25 days, 6/12s
October 1, 2015 Northern Boiler JH Campbell Two weeks, 6/10s
Ongoing Boldt JH Campbell Working 4/10s with some weekends; taking Boilermakers as needed
There will be short work as it comes in.
Area Three Date Contractor Job Location Description
October 3, 2015 AP Com MCV C-Inspection, 20 Boilermakers on day, 17 on nights, four weeks, 6/10s
November 2015 Hayes Mechanical Karn 12 Boilermakers, four weeks, 5/10s
November 2015 AP Com Karn 150 Boilermakers per shift, 16 weeks of 6/10s (there may be periodic Sundays)
There will be short work as it comes in.
Area Four Date Contractor Job Location Description
June 1, 2015 CR Meyer Verso Craft mill, one week of 12s, manpower TBD
June 1, 2015 Jamar Verso #10 boiler, one week of 12s for 80 Boilermakers
July 2015 CR Meyer Munising Paper Eight boilermakers, one week of 6/10s
There will be short work as it comes in.

Verso paper on line training:


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